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Who Am I ?

I am a third year Epita student.

Tom Moulard

"Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more" ~Nikola Tesla

A Bit About Me

Since my middle school, I have been captivated by science and technology articles. One day, I decided to be a part of it : I grabbed my programmable calculator (a TI-82.stat) and began making little programs. And so, began my immersion into the programming world. With time, I started making bigger and better scripts : games to play with my friends, math programs which enabled me to solve problems during class.

From this little calculator, I sidled my way in laptops and computers in a school called EPITA. This school has one of the best IT course : algorithm and math, computer architecture, physics and electronics, English and French, everything concerning computers is taught there!

Thanks to this, I managed to learn different programming languages such as C#, Python, C and even BASIC. Furthermore, having used them quite extensively, I am pretty much acquainted with Unity and Visual Studio. Let's not forget Apache, PHP and MySQL with whom I'm very familiar too.

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Some Projects I Made

During my life and formation I went through various projects :

Unity Based Game : A-Type

One of the biggest projects I’ve made so far was a school assignment which took me, and the three other members of my team, nearly a whole month to finish. The workload was divided in half: one of use was taking care of the visual aspects of the game and the other three members had found ways to implement the game.

While working on the project, I achieved implementing tasks considered very important by most gamers: a mini-map and headshots. But I didn’t stop there as I also managed to create a multiplayer experience for our game as well as some AI’s.

One Month Project
Fun and Entertaining
Made in France

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Fun Hacking

During my free time I wandering around on the internet discovering funny pictures and sharing them with friends (without forgetting to download them in order to have a good laugh again later on!).

That's how, one day I found on tumblr something called Cutest-Cats which was such a fun website with all of its random cat pictures that in order to save them somewhere, I made the following script allowing me to download all of the website’s pictures shown there.

Totally Self Made
Bug Free
Open Source Code

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OCR : Optical Character Recognition

This is one of the biggest project I ever made as a school assignment. We were asked to create an OCR. The project's main goal is to give a great text reconstruction of a given picture. The program simply recognise the text in an image and try to make use of it.

To make is project, we divided it into two great parts : The first was aiming to slice the picture and extract all letters. The second one was to create a neural network. The neural network is able to use a normalize picture and deduct the letter meaning. I configured the network in a way that it can by reused in an other program. you just have to take the code, adjust calling functions to allow it to train and then find a result.

Three Month Project
Contain a Neural Network
Can be set entirely

See source code

My trips

I went in China for 5 month to study IT in a local university !

During my SPE year (second year) in Epita, I went in China to study. My school, BJTU is a famous University in China. I learned a lot of interesting subject like Database System, Computer Network, Quality Assurance, Software Architecture, Operating System, Comprehensive Practice on Software Engineering, Service Oriented Architecture and of course Chinese.

Also, I met a lot of very interesting peoples. Since there is a lot of foreign students in my University, I met some Canadian, Spanish, Swedish and Chinese peoples.

Something unexpected happened to us while we where still students of the university, a teacher asked us to work for him.

Chinese Team on the Great Wall

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